Zeeky H. Bomb
Zeeky H. Bomb as it appears in The Demented Cartoon Movie



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NeoKamek's version (2006)

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NeoKamek's version (2006)


The Demented Cartoon Movie

The Zeeky H. Bomb (sometimes shortened to Zeeky or Zeeky Bomb) is a wall-eyed cartoon bomb with a giant red triangular mouth.

Zeeky is a popular character from Brian Kendall's The Demented Cartoon Movie, characterized as a pest who goes about interrupting places and events to utter the infamous "Zeeky Words". In The Demented Cartoon Movie, anyone saying the phrase is immediately engulfed in a gigantic nuclear explosion.

A Zeeky H. Bomb character was made for M.U.G.E.N by NeoKamek, who claims in Zeeky's ReadMe file that it is only 79% complete, but will remain unfinished. The Zeeky character is a sprited version of its movie counterpart and attacks only through strikers that represent other characters featured in the movie.

NeoKamek's version


A character with so many helpers, it doesn't even need to lift a proverbial finger. Spamming helpers and causing explosions are what this character does best, with all its elements inspired directly from the flash cartoon. Beware the Zeeky Words.