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Omegarotom is the Pokémon Rotom, but with the fighting style of an Omega character (cheap, overpowered, etc.).

The surviving scientists of the Mewtwo incident created Omegarotom as another attempt at making the most powerful Pokémon in existence, but all the while making sure it didn't retaliate back like Mewtwo did. Omegarotom's power exceeds that of Mewtwo's, and his appearance varies from that of a normal Rotom's, such as the longer horn atop his head, the thicker surrounding plasma, and a missing part of its lower body.

In M.U.G.E.N, Omegarotom was made by KEKUWEKKA. He considers it 'the best character ever' since it can K.O. most characters in a matter of seconds, but can also easily endure moves such as Zeeky's H. Bomb Substitution. Only certain characters like A-bomb can defeat Omegarotom.

KEKUWEKKA's version


An abomination of a character with ridiculous stats and even more ridiculous sprites. It amazingly has its own backstory.


See also

  • Rotom - The Pokémon Omegarotom is based on.

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